DANIEL NAVETTA is a multi-discplinary creative artist born and raised in Queens, NY. 

In 2008 he founded the influential creative agency, APK.NYC. Channeling a wealth of experience as a musician and content creator, he has worked with a dynamic range of brands, agencies, networks, musicians, and artists.

His inspired work as a director and producer has earned him recognition from Tribeca Film Festival, the American Film Institute, nods for multiple MTV awards, and a GRAMMY nomination. His work has also been exhibited at Museum of Contemporary Art and the Brooklyn Museum. 

He has written music for films and television...he has played music in a dozen countries. He’s a co-creator of the acclaimed podcast, “Business of Hype”, and his photos document his travels across the world. 

He resides in Brooklyn, NY and spends his days guiding the future of his new venture, BRYGHT YOUNG THINGS.