Holiday Gift Guide

Shot by Cinematographer Joe Victorine on location in Brooklyn, NY the piece was crafted around the fun of gift-giving. Filmed on the Red Dragon and MōVi 15 rig, w Cooke S4 lenses, the spot drifts seamlessly through a day in the life of the alluring Louise Parker.

Featured on the home page of, the piece quickly amassed a heap of likes and shares by everyone feeling the holiday spirit.

Shone - Kin

Shone is a project that pushed us to create a marketing strategy like no other and visuals that blended complexity, beauty, and divine intervention. The project took place over one year and eventually earned ApK a nomination at the MTVo awards in the Analog Genius Category. Acknowledged for the innovative album marketing alongside Beck, Jack White, Daft Punk and Neil Young.

Zumo Kollie - Buddy Cianci

From the State House to the abandoned houses in Providence, Zumo Kollie brings it pretty hard on the single for 'Buddy Cianci'. The video premiered on the home page of legendary hip-hop and culture site, Mass Appeal on Election Day 2014. Directed by Daniel Navetta, with a classic cinematography treatment from newcomer Tyler Haft, the ApK squad combined forces with the full PVD gang to create another memorable piece for Zumo Kollie.


A short film inspired by a lifetime love for the game of basketball. It speaks to the parallels between dedication to sport and the inexplicable nature of dreams.

Shot entirely in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on a court slated for demolition and to be replaced by a hi-rise development, the piece stars NY native Clifton Malone and was made by two other natives cinematographer Joe Victorine and director Daniel Navetta of ApK.

Shot on the Movi 15 and the RED Dragon with Leica lenses. The project came to fruition as a passion project and was executed by a small group of friends during one afternoon in October 2014.

Vampire Weekend - Diane Young (Official Stream)